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Look Sharp With These Eyewear Trends For Summer 2019

Summer is finally within reach and as the spring sunshine puts a spring in our step, we start thinking about what we are going to be doing this summer and more importantly, what are we going to wear?

Whether you’re planning on spending lots of time with family, looking forward to your exotic holiday or living it up at the festivals, you’ll no doubt be thinking about your wardrobe. While you’re planning your best outfits, you also want to make sure that your glasses’ frames compliment your look and personality. Here’s our guide to the top five trends in eyewear this summer.

1. Tortoiseshell and Havana

As classic as white shirts and blue jeans, the mottled browns of these frame designs have remained perennially popular for good reason, as the colours are flattering to all skin tones and versatile, effortlessly providing a chic combination with whatever you fancy wearing. And just like crisp white shirts and blue jeans, you can opt for frame shapes with a modern twist to bring them bang up to date or more subtle frames to provide perfectly fitted and understated pure elegance.

2. Round Frames

Many catwalks have seen a nod back to the flower power days of the sixties for this season and this includes the round frames made iconic by music stars of the age, just think John Lennon. Team a circular design with translucent acetate frames for a completely modern take on the classic shape, or go retro with thin wire frames.

3. Translucent Acetate Frames

Once derided as the unfashionable choice (think NHS prescription glasses in the 80’s), translucent frames have had a design makeover. One of the big trends from last summer, they are set to continue to be seen everywhere. Lightweight and casual, they can be formed into subtle and thin frames or wide and bold so there is a design to suit every face shape. Whether you go for clear, pastel hues or bright statement colours, they will provide a contemporary and fresh look to showcase your personal style. Can’t decide on any one colour? These frames can even come in two-tone or patterns.

4. Cat Eyes

Another classic and feminine frame shape that has never fallen off the radar due to its elegance and continues to be reinvented. Neither does this frame shape always have to be centre of attention. If you have not been convinced to try this style yet, there is such a variety of new designs, frame materials and colours available now, there are cat eye style glasses to suit every face and personal taste. Go bold and fabulous with large dark acetate frames or go for gold wires for more subtle yet perfectly groomed glamour.

5. Double Bridge/Aviators

Why settle for one bridge when two looks so much better? So effortlessly cool and stylish for both men and women, choose classic wire-framed aviators for a traditional relaxed look or go for a striking contemporary take with some of the latest designer acetates.

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