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NHS Eye Examination Entitlement

Some patients will be entitled to a free sight test as provided by the National Health Service. In some cases, you may also receive additional help from the NHS with the purchase of your spectacles if you are recommended a new prescription by your optometrist.

Before booking an NHS eye examination, it is important that you are aware of the eligibility criteria, and that you ensure that you are entitled to a test before proceeding. If you do not fall within the eligibility guidelines, then Sergeant & Barber Opticians will unfortunately be unable to offer you an NHS eye examination, and you will therefore be charged as a private patient.

The eligibility as set out by the NHS for entitlement for eye examinations can be found below:

  1. Everyone aged 60 years or over.
  2. Children under 16 AND full-time students aged 16, 17, or 18.
  3. Individuals who either they themselves or their dependents are in receipt of Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Pension Credit Guarantee, or Income-based Job Seekers’ Allowance.
  4. Those registered blind or partially-sighted.
  5. Wearers of ‘complex’ lenses as defined by the NHS.
  6. Those who have been diagnosed as diabetic, and those who suffer from glaucoma.
  7. Those who are aged 40 or over and are a direct relative of (parent, brother, sister, son or daughter) of a glaucoma sufferer.



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