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Rodenstock Ergo Lenses

ERGO lenses are for use with near vision but allow the wearer to see intermediate distances as well as allowing PC use etc. These are available in three designs, Book, PC, and Room – described below.


This design type covers requirements for vision that is mainly at short distances

  • Main vision distances: 40/65/90 cm (near/medium/room)
  • Extended visual zone up to 120 cm
  • For fatigue-free and comfortable vision
  • Application examples: activities within an arm’s reach: reading, writing,handicrafts, model building
  • Typical professions: editor, goldsmith


  • Main vision distances: 40/80/120 cm (near/medium/room)
  • Extended visual zone up to 150 CM
  • Application examples: Activities in medium distances: PC work, writing, in a lab, cooking
  • Typical professions: graphics designer, programmer


  • Main vision distances 40/95/200 cm (near/medium/room)
  • Extended visual zone up to 250 cm
  • Large achievable room depths up to 5m (addition dependent)
  • Application examples: general activities indoors: meetings, training, business with customers, receptionist
  • Typical professions: travel agent, pharmacist

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