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Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle lens technology has evolved significantly in the last few years, which now allows us to be able to supply much thinner lenses than we have ever been able to before.

We are able to apply coatings to lenses which are specifically appropriate to the needs of the individual patient. Scratch-resistant coatings and anti-reflection coatings are the most popular options in our range.

An anti-reflection coating prevents light being reflected from the surface of the lens. This gives the lens a superior overall appearance and is also especially helpful for driving at night, due to its ability to reduce glare from oncoming headlights. This type of coating is also highly recommended for people who regularly use a computer, as it is able to effectively reduce reflected glare from the screen.

There are a range of lens coatings available which fulfil a variety of different requirements. Ask in-practice for more detailed information on the lens treatments and coatings available and how they can help you with your new spectacles.

We are able to offer photochromic lenses for a wide range of lens prescriptions. Due to the advancements in the technology of these lenses over recent years, these lenses now react much faster to their environment than they were previously able to.

Drivewear lenses are a combination photochromic lens, consisting of layers reacting to ultra-violet, normal light, and with a polarized layer so that they darken in the car and reduce the glare off the road. These lenses are definitely NOT suitable for night driving.


If you require a corrective prescription for both distance and reading vision, bifocals and varifocals are the best options available as only one pair of spectacles is required.

Bifocals have a visible line across the surface of the lens. Above this line is the distance area of the lens, and beneath the line is a segment used for reading.

Varifocals are especially popular as the power of the lens gradually increases as you descend from top to bottom. The gradual nature of the power increase means that there is no sudden jump in focus, a quality that sets the varifocal apart from the bifocal. A bifocal has a visible line that the varifocal does not have. This gives the varifocal a plainer, more natural lens appearance.

We understand that making the decision to wear bifocals or varifocals can be a sensitive and difficult one. For this reason, we are able to offer effective demonstrations of how to best use these types of lenses. All our varifocals are covered by a 30-day guarantee. Please visit us at the practice and try before you buy.



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