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Colormatic IQ lenses

Colormatic IQ lenses

These are now available in grey, green and brown and are fully clesr indoors, therefore making them suitable for day and night-time wear. There is however no activation behind the windscreen of a car making them unsuitable for driving if you need sunglasses fro driving. They are very fast acting in all lighting conditions and offer 100% UV protection. This makes them ideal for general use prescription spectacles.

Colormatic IQ lenses Sun, Contrast and Fashion

These are available in fashion colours Grey, Green and Brown. Contrast colours are Orange, Green and Brown.

These lenses are pre-tinted making the colour darker in the initial stages, before they are exposed to the UV light. This gives them moderate activation behind a windscreen but they are only suitable for daytime wear. They are made in the 3 fashion colours and also in 3 colours to enhance the contrast when playing sport. They have a filter category of 2-3 and offer 100% uv protection.

Polarised Lenses

Normal tinted lenses block light but do not block glare. Polarised lenses can reduce ambient light and block out dangerous, blinding glare, so providing increased safety and comfort when driving, or when doing sports outdoors, especially water sports. Vision without glare is more relaxed and gives greater contrast and better colour definition. Polarised lenses give 100% UV protection and are available in 85% Brown, Green and Grey.

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